Portable Tea Set

$99.99 Regular price $49.99
Portable Tea Set Portable Tea Set Portable Tea Set
Portable Tea Set Portable Tea Set Portable Tea Set

Portable Tea Set

$99.99 Regular price $49.99
Improve the strength of your core with the Multifunctional Abdominal Wheel. Build the perfect body you always wanted in no time. This abs equipment is great for shaping your shoulders, chest, back, upper arms, and belly. Strength training workouts involving the use of the wheel increase your overall stamina, decrease your potential for back pain, and improve your coordination and mobility. It is the perfect training equipment for your home gym!
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Sipping tea on the go will boost your immune system & protect you from getting ill. While at work, you can feel stressed out. Slowly drinking your tea makes you calm and relaxed. Get back to work feeling energized and productive. Making tea on the go has never been this easy. Brew your tea, strain tea leaves through the holes at the kettle's neck, and serve using the cups.

  • Uncover The 6-pack Inside Of You In No Time
  • Get The Perfect Waistline You Always Wanted
  • The Portable Fitness Wheel Can Be Use Anytime & Anywhere

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Efficient Abdomen Wheel

Get the results you want faster, with less risk of injury. Focus on growing defined muscles in your abs, shoulders & triceps. Target lower abs to reduce your waistline when working out on the wheel. This abdominal wheel is a must-have if you want to save money on a gym membership or need to fit in a fast workout. Enjoy the convenience of using this wheel at home. It rolls smoothly on any surface and cannot damage your floors. The non-slip rubber wheel roller securely grips any floor type, and the handles have soft padding for ultimate comfort.